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You and me
“And- and, they celebrate the entire night with fireworks. They get drunk, have barbeques, and just party. Hey hey, Onyx, can we play with some fireworks.”
In a dimly lit living, two immortal beings were having a casual conversation. Well, one was just talking while the other was trying to read a book. Echo sat right across from the grumpy looking Onyx. There was a bright grin on his face as he talks excitedly about this holiday he heard about from the other gods. Though the albino doesn’t care much for the actual holiday, he just wanted a reason to spend time with his crush.
Onyx lifted the book that covered her face to glance at the child-like god. She was lazily sprawled on the couch, just trying to relax but it looks like that would be impossible now. Her gaze sharpens when she noticed the silly grin Echo had on his face. She let out a tired sigh and turned her attention back on her book.
“No. You’ll burn down the house,” she said, shutting down
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My OCs by xXdarkangel118Xx My OCs :iconxxdarkangel118xx:xXdarkangel118Xx 3 0
Snow day?
“Hehe… this will work…”
No one can deny that something stupid was about to go down in the castle. With no signs of the young prince of gods, every bystander were weary that a crazy event was about to happen. It was out of the ordinary to hear that Echo secluded himself to his office. The young man absolutely hated being restrained in his office when there are “so much more fun things” to do. So when the servants pass by the room, they were all surprised to hear the white haired male chuckling to himself and shuffling papers. A couple of maids tried entering to see if he wanted anything or needed help but they were all quickly dismissed; not even getting a chance to open the door. The seed of worry grew too great in the mind of all of Echo’s subjects that they turned to the one person who can handle him to see what is happening with their god.
“Please, Ms. Onyx. You got to do something!” they begged the demon. The black haired woman
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Yandere Roleplay +18
Hello everyone.
It's been a very long time since I last made a roleplay request. That's mostly because I'm busy with school and writing the script for my game. I'm still busy with those things, of course, but I'm finding myself really stressed. Roleplaying has always been a stress reliever for me so I figure to accept a couple of roleplays. This is the first time I made a request as a deviation though, not as a journal. I'm doing this so that as soon as I get the amount I want, I can just simply delete it later.
This time around, I feel like doing a MATURE +18 yandere roleplay. Oof, I feel like a pervert typing that (;´Д`)  But that's simply what I feel like roleplaying. I have a couple plots in mind as well as pairings.
If you are interested please read my rules first before contacting me:
These roleplays are open to either straight or yaoi. But, I'm going to be rather frank; I'm only inter
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Got your back by xXdarkangel118Xx Got your back :iconxxdarkangel118xx:xXdarkangel118Xx 3 12
Quinn Russel reference sheet
Basic Information
Full Name: Quinn Russel
Nickname: N/A
Age: 19
Sex: Both (Can change gender. Will go more into detail later)
D.O.B: June 5
Race: “Looks to be” American/Hispanic
Sexuality: Interested in men
Marital Status: Single
Children: none
Close Relatives:Cousins, Uncles, and Aunts
Birth Order: N/A
Siblings: N/A
Place of Birth: United States
Current Residence: N/A
Religion: Atheist
Zodiac: Gemini
Occupation: Bodyguard
Speech/Native Tongue: English
Other Known Languages: Spanish
Physical Characteristics
Height: Male- 5'7'' Female- 5'2''
Weight: N/A
Body Type: Fit
Measurements: N/A
Distinguishing features: Beauty mark on the right, bottom cheek
Significant Body Marks/Modifications: None
Eye Color: Pink
Hair Color/Style: Very dark brown (can be mistaken as black), short and messy
Glasses or contact lenses? N/A
Skin color: Tan
Shape of Face: Diamond
Type of dress? Casual
Health Conditions: N/A
Right or Left Handed: Ambidextrous
Mannerisms: N/A
Male- http://www.m5zn.
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Wake up call
The sound of gentle, soft breathing echoes throughout the dim bedroom. The room was spotless and organize though the reason for that is the lack of furniture or any nick-knacks that would make a bedroom homely. Pictures of friends and little mementos hanging on the white walls does give the room a kind touch in the end. There was a bed positioned to be in the middle of the room, facing towards the the blinded window. Sleeping among the blankets and pillows was a woman. Her tufts of black hair were almost hidden by the blankets as she curled deeper within the warmth of her blankets. If you were to stand over the bed, you'll be able to see her tan face gently decorated with a peaceful, sleeping expression.
This image was soon broken when a cream color hand enters the scene. It slowly crept up to the woman's face, inching cautiously as it got closer. Finally, when it hovered centimeters away, a slender finger belonging to this mysterious hand started to poke and prod. Starting with her ch
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Tokyo Ghoul OC- Kei Shiraki (And Junko)
Tokyo Ghoul Profile
Name: Kei Shiraki
Alias: Cockroach (Due to her mask giving her a bug like face. It annoys her endlessly that she was given such an alias and prefers not to be called it unless in the presence of a dove.)
Species: ghoul
Birthday: February 28
Age: 22 or 23 (I'm still debating on what her age should be
Sex: female
Height: 5'2''
Weight: 140 lb
Blood Type: O
Professional Status: College student, part times at a book store
Affiliation: The Anteiku bunch and those she hang out with at college
Previous Affiliation: Just some unknown, small gang of ghouls in the 19th ward
Ward: Born in the 19th ward but moved to the 20th when she started to attend college
Nationality: Half Japanese and Half Filipino
Personal Status: Alive
Relatives: Mother (alive), father (alive), uncle (alive), Junko (Her “adoptive” daughter. Alive)
Education: Went through the average of “Elementary, middle, and high school”. Now attending college.
Rc Type: Rinkaku (But I'm sti
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Small introduction by xXdarkangel118Xx Small introduction :iconxxdarkangel118xx:xXdarkangel118Xx 2 3 Just for fun... by xXdarkangel118Xx Just for fun... :iconxxdarkangel118xx:xXdarkangel118Xx 2 0 Rocking And Rolling by xXdarkangel118Xx Rocking And Rolling :iconxxdarkangel118xx:xXdarkangel118Xx 5 0 It's a puppy! by xXdarkangel118Xx It's a puppy! :iconxxdarkangel118xx:xXdarkangel118Xx 3 0 The silly duo by xXdarkangel118Xx The silly duo :iconxxdarkangel118xx:xXdarkangel118Xx 2 3
(PC) Brill
Deep within an unknown forest, there was the sound of dogs barking.  The air was thick and heavy with mist and fog.  That may be the scientific reason of this feeling but the tense atmosphere was the true cause of this. There were men yelling and shouting over the barks of the dogs.
“She went over here!”
“Damn it. It looks like she crossed the river!”
“She got to have gone up stream then.”
The angry voices of these men slowly died out as they walked farther and farther. The last thing that was heard was the cry of a hound accidentally falling into the rushing river. A hushed silence fell over the forest. For what seemed like hours, the forest slowly returned to its natural, peaceful self. The fog slowly part as the sunlight finally beamed down at the forest floor. Birds of all kind started to return home, singing about what they saw when flying. The land animals had yet to come out of hiding. They were not comp
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Kura Fujioka Ref. sheet
Basic Information
Full Name: Kura Fujioka
Nickname: Chaos (More of her villain name than her nickname)
Age: 19
Sex: female
D.O.B: May 12
Race: human
Sexuality: straight (but not afraid to kiss a chick to get what she wants)
Marital Status: single
Children: none
Close Relatives: Mayumi Fujioka (Mother) and Hikaru Fujioka (Father)
Siblings: Yuka Fujioka (suppose to be twin but was a stillborn)
Place of Birth: Kyoto, Japan
Current Residence: N/A
Religion: Spiritual (?)
Zodiac: Taurus
Occupation: College student/ villain
Speech/Native Tongue: Japanese
Other Known Languages: English
Physical Characteristics
Height: 5’0’’
Significant Body Marks/Modifications:  Scars all over her body (nothing to noticeable on her arms or legs though), burn marks, bite marks.                                      
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color/Style: Black, short with messy front bangs.
Glasses o
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Summer time gals by xXdarkangel118Xx Summer time gals :iconxxdarkangel118xx:xXdarkangel118Xx 3 0

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Ugh... How many years has it been since I last checked my bio on here? How painful it is to read it. How old was I when I wrote that trash? 13? Whatever. I am an avid but lazy literate roleplayer here on DA. I have several other roleplay accounts on other sites but I visit this website the most. I also write stories as well and occasionally post them here. Anything else that you are wondering, you can just message me.

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  • Listening to: Marshmello- Alone
  • Reading: Random Japanese light novels
  • Watching: Youtube videos
  • Playing: Tomodachi Island (again)
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Water
I just made a writing blog on tumblr everyone! I've been slowly working on it so that there are some stories to share. I hope everyone can check it out. 

My writing blog:
  • Listening to: Marshmello- Alone
  • Reading: Random Japanese light novels
  • Watching: Youtube videos
  • Playing: Tomodachi Island (again)
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Water
Hey-o everybody! It's been awhile since I last made a journal.

Quick updates about me: I have a new laptop! Whoaaaaaa. Actually… I had this “new” laptop for awhile. I actually got it two days after I made my last journal. It’s a really nice laptop and blah blah blah. Basically, I’ll be online way more often now.

Next update is that my semester is over! Wooooooo! Summer break!!! Even though I fucking failed my Japanese finally, I’m still going to party like it’s the end of the world!!! :D Well… joking aside. I’m going to have more time to concentrate on writing in general. I’m going to work on both personal writing and on roleplays. (Btw! Here’s the link to my summer roleplay journal:…
) I’m also considering making a character roleplay page on tumblr. Does anyone think that’s a good idea? How the hell do you roleplay on tumblr lmao

Finally, I’m here to announce that I’m officially opening up writing commissions. Yeah… Pretty anti-climatic considering I don’t publish many of my works. But in my commissions menu, I have a couple current examples of my writing and prices. So please, check it out and commission me! And even if you don’t, please share the link around. I’m currently in a tight spot at the moment and I don’t have much money to support just my mom and I. So any really helps.

Commissions info:… 
Hey there everyone!
Well, I’m back at it looking for a new roleplay partner. As my current trend is going, I’m looking for a male yandere roleplay. I crave for this hardcore. I just, love male yanderes so much ( ≧Д≦)
House rules first:
1. I’m cool with doubling up (since I really want a male yandere roleplay lol).  But it’s limited. I don’t want to take a billion doubling up, since that’s really time consuming. And time isn’t what I have a lot of.
2. Still highkey cool with single roleplays
3. Yaoi or straight, fine with me.
4. PLEASE READ MY ROLEPLAY RULES FIRST:… (I seriously know if you read them or not. So don’t try to lie to me.)
And…. That’s about it. Have fun reading my ideas or if you have something else in mind, that’s cool with me. As long as it has something to do with a male yandere.
- While shopping in a flea market, (My character) was sold a key from a rather odd stand. She/he thought of it as rather neat and just took it as a decoration purpose. Late at night, she/he found herself/himself unable to sleep and decided to play around with the key. Surprisingly, it fits perfect for her/his closet door. Turning the knob, she/he found that instead of seeing her/his clothes, the door lead to another universe! Venturing inside, she/he meets (Your character). They get along and (My character) learns that this place is (Your Character)'s world where what ever he wants to happen happens. But he also lives alone there and (My character) is the first to ever visit. Feeling tired, (My Character) returns home after biding (Your Character) good bye. She/He returns to visit often but as (My Character) starts visiting less and less, (Your Character)'s world becomes harsher for some reason. Can (Your Character) keep (My Character) trapped forever?

- (Your Character) is a butler for a cursed mansion. He lives there by himself as long as he can remember. For some reason, he is unable to leave and forced to take care of the mansion. Time to time, people enters the mansion and becomes the (forced) owner and unable to leave. Their time is short though since they have the live span of a human and end up dying. But (Your Character) lives on for years, never aging. One day (My Character) wanders into the mansion and became the new owner after a long period of time of no owners. She/He wants to leave. This time is different though. There is a good chance that She/He might escape. What will (Your Character) do?

- (Your Character) is (My Character)'s pet dog/cat/hamster/ect. He was an ordinary pet till one day a shoot star pass and turns him into a human. There was so confusion of course, but (My Character) kept him around. But for some reason, now that (Your Character) is human, (My Character) is becoming distant. There is even that guy who likes to visit her/him. What will (Your Character) do to keep his master?

- This plot is similar to the Japanese crane story, Tsuru no Ongaeshi. If you never heard of the story, basically it’s about a man who saves a crane from a trap. Feeling in debt and falling in love with the man, the crane became a beautiful woman and marries that man. The man falls on hard time and to help him, the crane makes clothes out of her own feathers for the man to sell. One day, the man discovers this and the crane flies off, never to return. So, got the gist of it? Basically, (my character) saves (your character) from a trap. After making sure (your character) isn’t hurt, (my character) sends him off. Feeling in debt and fall in love with (my character), (your character) becomes a human to chase after (my character). Lines blur as (your character) tries to do acts to repay the debt. This plot is up for more discussion but this is the basis of it.

- This plot is sort of a mix of plot one and plot four. (My character) discovers (Your Character), trapped inside his own little world. (My character) manages to free (Your character) from his jail. At first, both parties were happy with this. But as (My character) sees more and more of (your character)’s darker and more obsessive side, she/he learns that (your character) was trapped in that world for a reason. Will (my character) manage to trap (your character) again? Or suffer the consequences?
- In this plot, our characters are reincarnated lovers. (Your character) firmly believes that this is faith and that our characters must become lovers again. (My character) on the other hand, thinks something else. She/he thinks it’s neat that they are reincarnated lovers, but they don’t need to become lovers again. To be honest, (my character) is happy with her/his life and current crush. It doesn’t help (your character)’s case, that (my character) has no memories of the past either. Armed with just his past life memories (and a knife probably, lol), (your character) will try to win (my character)’s love. Will he be able to secure his happy ending?

- (My character) is a master of a certain craft. (Your character) is an apprentice under (my character). For some reason, (your character) “can’t” pass his test for becoming an expert in the craft despite being taught be (my character) for so long. It’s a troubling issue and (my character) hasn’t been getting new apprentices, either. Each apprentices either died, disappeared, or refuse to study under her/him. Can (my character) figure the reason why and finally get (your character) to pass the test?

- (My Character) suddenly wakes up in a hospital with no memories what so ever. She/He was in some sort of accident but can’t remember what the accident was. They can’t even remember their past or any relatives. All they have is their name, their personality, and a blurry memory of someone trying to kill them. Trying to organize their thoughts, they didn’t realized that someone visited their room. It was (Your Character). Looking at his face, a piece of the puzzle fell into place and the blurry memory cleared up to show that it was (Your Character) trying to kill (My Character). Why is he here? Did he come to finish the job? “You don’t remember me? I’m your boyfriend/lover/husband (you choose which role).” (Your Character) claim to be a romantic partner of (My Character). If that is the case, why does (My Character) vividly remember him trying to kill her/him? Everyone in (My Character)’s life seem to know for a fact that (Our Characters) are in a relationship and see him in a good light. But why can’t (My Character) trust (Your Character)? Living together under the same roof, can (My Character) recover their memories fast enough before it’s too late? Or will (Your Character) somehow convince her/him that he’s not at all “sketchy”.

+ I really want to roleplay this. The more of these, the more I’m interested in it.
* The role I would like to do.

Alice in Wonderland +
Arrange Marriage +
Medieval ++
Mystery ++
Modern ++
Childhood Friends +++++
Best Friends +
Partners in Crime +++++
Soulmates +++++
Opposites Attract +++++
Incest? (like stepsiblings maybe? IDK. Probably gonna get hate for this) +++
Reincarnation +++
Omegaverse (I want to try this out lol) +++++++++++

God X *Demon* +++
Murderer X *Person* ++++++++++++++++++++
*Person* X Incubus +++++++++++++++++++++++++
*Person* X Male Prostitute ++++++++++++++++++++
*Demon Queen* X Prince +++
Person X Cross dresser +
Prince X *Subject*+++
  • Listening to: EDM
  • Reading: This damn japanese homework
  • Watching: Youtuvers
  • Playing: Trying to finish up some games
  • Eating: Ramen
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It has been 2389647898431898 since I last touched a laptop. Things are looking grim. Will my laptop ever come back from the war???

Joking aside, I'm still without a computer. It has been about a month and a half since I sent my laptop in for repair. And let's just say that... shit happened. First: I never got an update about it so I finally called Asus. And they told me that my laptop is all kinds of fucked up; so they're going to send me a replacement. Yay right? They promised to send me a conformation email about it and to accept it. Second: Two weeks later, the email never came. I was going to call Asus but Asus called us first. Guess what? Turns out they fucked up my email and name. -__-; Like, they really fucked up my name which made me go "???? How did you even get to that conclusion??? I fucking spelled it out 20 times???" (I'm not bullshiting about the 20 times). So FINALLY they send the email and I accept. End of story, right? WRONG. Three: About another week later, they email me going "Uh... yeah. We ran out of the replacement. So we're giving you a replacement of the replacement. Just say you accept." And at this point I don't give a shit. So I accepted and checked out the model. This new model cost $440... double what I paid for my original laptop. Made me go: "!!!" And turns out that the original replacement was a shitter version of my first laptop (I didn't check originally because my mom did it all in my place). Let that be a lesson to y'all. These companies scheme when it comes to replacements. Moving on... it doesn't end there. Four: I still have no fucking email about where this replacement is. I called Asus and they go "Our system is down, call again tomorrow." So now I have to wait for tomorrow. RIP

TD;LR- Asus is a mess of a company for customer service and I still don't have a laptop.;__;

In good news: I went to katsucon 2017 and it was FUN. Like, it's the most fun I had in all my 20 years. I had a mission for this Con... find shit tons of Zen (from mystic messenger) cosplayers. And for that, I have two things to say: "I got 707 problems but Zen ain't one of them." And "5/10... not enough Zen." I literally only found five Zens and ten billion 707 *cries*. Give me Zen or give me death. I literally bought all the merch that had Zen on it (six pieces. I counted). Other than that~ All the cosplays were amazing and the events were cool. If you can, everyone should attend Katsucon

Continuing with the good news: My partner and I found a programmer, a musician, and two artists for my game. This is amazing. I always thought I have to just rely on myself and my partner but now we aren't alone. I feel a little pressured to get my laptop so I can work on the script but... life is looking up. I never thought I would be here four-five years ago. I'm just so... lucky. Just words can't express how happy I am. 


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